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Yes! I Want To Be a Rivoli Roadie!

The membership fee for the Fan Club is $10.00. PLEASE NOTE: There are two parts involved in your membership process. 1) Send this form to Ron and Kay and 2) Pay for your membership using Paypal. If you do not wish to use Paypal you can mail your membership fee to: The Rivoli Revue, P.O. Box 37267, Louisville, KY 40233. Your membership package will include an Official Rivoli Revue Membership Card, a CD only available by joining the Fan Club and a password allowing you to chat online with Ron and Kay as well as the ability to request songs at upcoming shows. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for your Fan Club membership package to arrive.

Ship To:
Spouse Name:   
Street Address:   
Please submit a Fan Club Username and Password:
(We will make every effort to assign you your Username and Password listed below.)
Please answer the following Questions (Optional):
Spouse Birthday:   
Do you RV?:   
If so: RV Year?:   
RV Make?:   
Pet? If so,What Type and How Many?:   
Favorite Rivoli Song?:   
Where you heard us?:   
How many times have you heard us?:   
Do you travel with children? If so, How Many?:   
Children's Names?:   
Birthdays and Ages?:   
Are you a trucker currently or retired? If yes, which Co.?:   
Are you a member of any RV Clubs? If yes, which ones?:   
How many rallies do you attend in a year?:   
Your favorite rally to attend?:   
Would you attend a Fan Club rally?:   
1) Send Form to Ron and Kay
2) Pay Your Membership Fee Using PayPal: