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Rivoli Revue Sample Setlist:

Rving Is The Life For Me
God Bless The U.S.A.
Iíd Run Right Over You
King Of The Road
Queen of The Road
Come On
It Stopped Running Here Today
At The Holiday Inn
On The Interstate
Do Run Run
Iíd Be Someone Too
The Dump Is Funky
Hang Up That Cell Phone
Rving Women
Iím Country And Thatís O.K.
A Minor Repair
If Your Engine Ainít A Cat
Are You Starting To Age
Awning In The Wind
Train Tracks


Dear Gpa & Gma
Wild Game Dinner
On The Road Again
Itís Not Possible
I Can Drive
Freedomís Not Free/Memorial Day
The Bug
Brandonís Song
Our Nightmare
Smash Rear End
Road Signs
Orange Barrels
Simple Life
Gator Hater
When I Die Bury Me At Wal-mart
Hold Your Noses
Press One For English
Letís Go Travel

This is a sample listing. We have an extensive list of RV songs, which rotate in and out of line up. We keep every set list from every show, which enables us to review back for encore presentations to make sure the show is unique and different from the last one.